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About Digital Tasmania

Digital Tasmania (DigiTas) is a consumer action group, created to give a voice to the views and needs of Tasmanian consumers in the digital age.

As Australia’s island state, Tasmania faces unique telecommunications challenges. A small and distributed population as well as physical separation from mainland Australia and variable terrain are all factors that impact on how telecommunications are delivered in the state.

Our goal is to strive for improved fixed, mobile and broadcast communications services through market competition and regulation that is in the interest of the consumer, now and into the future.

The group is currently focused on ensuring the National Broadband Network delivers on its promise of enabling Tasmania for the 21st century. Other interest key areas include mobile broadband and digital television services.

Because fibre optic cables are the ‘digital lifeline’ to mainland Australia, the groups’ original focus was to Get Basslink Going to increase communication capacity and competition across Bass Strait.

Digital Tasmania is a non-profit organisation and relies solely on funds and in-kind donations from supporters. Follow us via one of the social media channels or send us a message to get in touch.