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NBN Announcements Welcomed

Launceston, TAS, 18 October 2011 – Digital Tasmania today welcomed the finalisation of the agreement between NBNco and Telstra. This important milestone will change the telecommunications landscape in Australia.

Spokesperson Andrew Connor said: “This is an historic day in the evolution of the communications market in Australia. Consumers across Tasmania and indeed all of Australia will benefit from improved services and competition.”

He continued by saying, “It’s time for opposition parties to recognise that the telecommunications industry and consumers are behind the NBN and it cannot be undone should they form government, as is their presently stated policy, without causing tremendous harm to the industry and the consumer.”

“Australia needs a fast and ubiquitous broadband network using predominantly fibre optic cable, not a patchwork of last century’s fixed-line technology.”
Mr Connor continued, “Fibre to the Premises is our inevitable future, it’s time for them to acknowledge this and provide more nuanced opposition than simply opposing NBN on ideology or ‘general principles.’ The opposition has a vital role in ensuring that consumers and industry are well served by the NBN, and that there is balance between return on investment and affordability of new services.”

Digital Tasmania also noted the announcement by NBNCo of their inaugural 12-month construction outlook. It identifies an additional 11,300 premises in Launceston and 21,900 premises in Hobart where construction will commence within 12 months, with more exact rollout locations within those cities to be known within 3 months.

Mr Connor noted: “This again demonstrates to sceptics of the NBN that it is indeed rolling out and coming to a town or city near them soon with fibre optic services available 18,000 premises around the country right now.”